High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-


Well dressed women dominate
each other in sexy catfights.
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2017-06-22 (26 photos) 
Brianna retaliates by stepping on Kristen's shoe. She twists her foot to grind the mud into the leather. That was a bad move for Brianna because Kristen is obviously stronger. Kristen easily forces Brianna into a muddy puddle and her good shoes are completely soaked. Then Kristen rips Brianna's dress, exposing her breasts....
2017-06-15 (22 photos) 
Brianna and Kristen decide to get dressed up to go out today. They both put on stockings and high heels. All is well until Kristen stumbles and accidentally pushes Brianna into the mud. Brianna is furious that Kristen made her get her good shoes dirty....
2017-06-08 (23 photos) 
Alexis was enjoying all the attention at the office when she got her new Manolo Blahnik leather pumps. But when they started getting a little scuffed and worn and her sexy secretary Uni showed up at work with brand new shiny black pumps, she suddenly got all the attention. Jealous, Alexis would "accidentally" step on Uni's pumps whenever she got the chance. Not only are they sexy co-workers, Alexis and Uni are also bi-sexual roommates. When they get home Uni gets her revenge, teasing Alexis, rubbing her shoes on her pussy. The girls take turns teasing the other with their sexy shoes and soon they can't keep their hands and feet off each other....
2017-06-01 (25 photos) 
After being nearly choked out, dragged by her hair, nearly getting shoe fucked, then having her dress torn, Cammile's humiliated and exhausted. She surrenders to Alexis and follows her every command. She gets on her hands and knees in the tub, soaking her stockings and dress, doesn't even put up a fight when Alexis steps on her tit and tries to shove her shoe in her ass. Finally Alexis uses her sharp heels to rip Cammile's dress and bra from her body and leaves with them, stranding Cammile in the hotel room. "See ya in the forum Cammile"....
2017-03-09 (31 photos from the archives) 
Aggressive ladies from CatFight-Corner.com are ready to wrestle, fight, and spank each other for your viewing pleasure....
2017-03-02 (23 photos from the archives) 
You want to keep your job? Then clean my shoes. On your pussy. Go ahead, everyone can see your panties anyway. That's right. Clean my shoes with your pussy. They better shine like mirrors when you're done. Ok, now lets get back to the office and show everyone what a dirty slut you are....
2017-02-23 (25 photos from the archives) 
After flattening her shoes into the mud, the boss lady rips her blouse open and fondles her breasts roughly. "Girls like you dress like whores to the office and then complain about sexual harassment. How are we supposed to get anything done around here? Oh... look what you made me do. You made me get mud on my shoes. What are we going to do about this?" ...
2017-02-16 (36 photos from the archives) 
At first she's upset that the boss has made her step into the mud in her new shoes. Then her boss forces her to sit down in the mud, hikes her skirt up and starts tearing her pantyhose off at the crotch. "See what happens when you dress like a slut to the office? Oh, what's wrong, did you get mud on your slutty shoes?" The boss lady pulls the shoes off her feet, places them in the mud, and flattens them by standing on them with her full weight....