High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-


Well dressed women dominate
each other in sexy catfights.
Special requests welcome.






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2017-12-07 (23 photos) 
Brianna Ray finds herself completely overpowered. Suzanna has stripped her of her leather boots and ruined them by stomping them into the mud with her high heels. She spanks and chokes her with her own boots and makes her crawl through the mud while she forces her muddy shoe into her mouth....
2017-11-30 (23 photos) 
Suzanne has forced Brianna Ray to take her dress boots off and place them in the mud so she can stomp all over them with her heels. Then she turns her high heels on Brianna, stepping on her and rubbing them all over her body, even forcing her to lick her own muddy boots then spanking her with them!...
2017-11-23 (23 photos) 
Suzanne continues to abuse Brianna mercilessly. Brianna begs her to stop, even offering to lick her shoes clean but Suzanne just keeps wiping her shoes all over her. Brianna just looks up at her sadly when she forces her to take her boots off so she can stomp them into the mud with her sharp high heels....
2017-11-16 (22 photos) 
After Suzanne drags Brianna out to the backyard she notices she's gotten her shoes dirty. She steps all over the delicate parts of Brianna's body and her new leather boots with her dirty high heels. She has Brianna at her mercy, on her knees, boots in the mud begging her to stop but just keeps kicking her in the sexiest places....
2017-08-10 (29 photos from the archives) 
After Danica happily takes several shots of Alexis stepping out of the pool dripping wet, Louboutins ruined, she pulls her to the ground, holds her down with her high heel, and takes more photos of her helpless and sopping wet....
2017-08-03 (29 photos from the archives) 
After a demanding shoot in the water, Alexis, the photographer gives Danica a hand out of the pool. In one swift motion, Danica grabs the camera and pulls Alexis into the pool, Christian Louboutins and all!...
2017-07-27 (28 photos from the archives) 
Danica, the model, is not particularly happy about having to get into the pool. She didn't realize this was a wetlook shoot and she has another shoot to get to in the afternoon so needs to keep her hair dry. Reluctantly she steps into the pool and soaks her outfit and shoes....
2017-07-20 (26 photos from the archives) 
The girls and the crew meet early in the morning for the planned photo shoots. They have a long day of work ahead of them but you would not know it by their choice of footwear and outfits. Fashion photographers and models are not the sensible shoe type. Yes, those are Louboutins....