High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-


Well dressed women dominate
each other in sexy catfights.
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2017-08-17 (30 photos) 
Kristen's enjoying the sunny day minding her own business when Brianna walks by and steps on her shoe. When she complains, Brianna points out how old and worn her shoes are anyway and stomps them into the dirt....
2017-08-10 (29 photos) 
After Danica happily takes several shots of Alexis stepping out of the pool dripping wet, Louboutins ruined, she pulls her to the ground, holds her down with her high heel, and takes more photos of her helpless and sopping wet....
2017-08-03 (29 photos) 
After a demanding shoot in the water, Alexis, the photographer gives Danica a hand out of the pool. In one swift motion, Danica grabs the camera and pulls Alexis into the pool, Christian Louboutins and all!...
2017-07-27 (28 photos) 
Danica, the model, is not particularly happy about having to get into the pool. She didn't realize this was a wetlook shoot and she has another shoot to get to in the afternoon so needs to keep her hair dry. Reluctantly she steps into the pool and soaks her outfit and shoes....
2017-05-11 (39 photos from the archives) 
Looks like Cammile is in big trouble. Alexis has trapped her in her chair by stepping on her between the legs. Alexis casually grinds her shoe on Cammile's clit "So I'll never find you, eh?" Cammile needs to do something quick before Alexis shoves her heel into her pussy. Lucky for her she has a bottle of water on her desk which she pours into Alexis' shoe. Alexis retaliates by pouring the water from her shoe into Cammile's cleavage....
2017-05-04 (36 photos from the archives) 
Alexis and Cammile have been chastising each other on the Muddy High Heels Forum for months. Cammile is sitting safely in her hotel room dangling her sexy black pumps while taunting Alexis in the forum. Imagine her surprise when Alexis walks through the door. For those of you following this sexy catfight in the forum, here are the complete photo sets. In this week's episode Alexis walks right up to Cammile and promptly shoves her her high heeled shoe right between her legs. Ouch....
2017-04-27 (20 photos from the archives) 
Brianna Rays defeats Suzanne in the backyard. Not only did Suzanne lose this time, she was pushed to the ground by Brianna, even her red leather pumps from Nine West were damaged from the catfight....
2017-04-13 (19 photos from the archives) 
Brianna dominates Suzanne in a round of serious catfight. Suzanne's Nine West red leather pumps are not the only victims. Brianna brutally steps on Suzanne's private part, which seems to cause her some tremendous pain. ...