High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-


Well dressed women dominate
each other in sexy catfights.
Special requests welcome.






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2018-04-19 (29 photos) 
Alexis finds it hilarious that Riley's shoe is covered in mud until Riley manages to pull Alexis and her thousand dollar boots into the mud with her. Alexis fights back hard, almost completely submerging Riley, and of course her own designer boots....
2018-04-12 (31 photos) 
Alexis of course takes revenge by stepping on Rileys leather pumps. Riley thinks its all fun and games until a shoving match starts and Riley ends up plunging her entire shoe into the mud pit which happens to be right next to them....
2018-04-05 (32 photos) 
Riley is having a little fun posing for the camera in her little black dress and black office pumps when Alexis steps into the scene in her Gianmarco Lorenzi stiletto heeled boots and leather miniskirt. What are you doing Riley? The girls have a fun chat until Riley playfully steps on Alexis very expensive boot....
2018-03-29 (15 photos) 
The spies look and feel so sexy when wet, they all decide to make up and be friends so they can do this again. One last suprise for White Spy of course....
2018-01-11 (18 photos from the archives) 
White Spy fights dirty, using her high heels to her advantage and the water fight turn their attention to soaking each other's high heels....
2018-01-04 (23 photos from the archives) 
All out Spy Vs Spy sexy water fight....
2017-12-28 (18 photos from the archives) 
Sexy Black Spy pulls her own hose seemingly out of nowhere and completely soaks Sexy White Spy's suit and heels....
2017-12-21 (35 photos from the archives) 
When Black Spy drops her Iphone and bends over to pick it up, Sexy and mischievous White Spy sneaks up behind her and soaks her all over with a water hose....