High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-








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Girls in boxing gloves not appealing to you?  How about elegantly dressed women tearing at each other's women's business suits, dresses and sexy office outfits, dragging each other through the mud in designer high heels?  Like the sight of long shapely legs clad in stockings torn to shreds by an opponent's sharp heels and nails?  If so, you've come to the right place. You'll only find the most elegant and beautiful women here.  Long flawlessly styled hair, beautiful faces with perfectly applied makeup, perfect bodies complemented by fine designer clothing tastefully adorned with the best jewelry and accessories. Womens business suits and elegant stockings. You won't find "cute" girls with sneakers and short hair here. No clown shoes, no sloppy jeans, no bell bottoms, no flip flops, no sneakers. No girls dressing like boys.

Party Dresses
Business Suits
Leather Outfits


WOMEN FIGHTING: Sexy Women tear at each others
sexy clothes and ruin each other's
designer high heels fighting in wet,
muddy situations. Womens business
suits get torn wet and messy.